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We've selected the large and interesting scale of 1:32- that is, 3/8" = 1'. That is pretty much large enough for the competent woodworker to build his model very nearly in the same fashion as the prototype ship was built. The CD covers three projects: the intriguing privateer brig Fair American of 1780, a generic armed Virginia sloop of 1768, and the Bermuda boat Corsair, a sleek courier sloop of 1807.

The Fair American, as you may know, is a model of a model, based on the world's most appealing ship model, the FA from the Rogers Collection at the United States Naval Academy Museum. It probably represents a presentation or trophy model, made in England some time after the capture of the very successful Philadelphia privateer by the British in 1782. The Virginia sloop is a very attractive but generic example of the armed vessels built from the Chesapeake to the Bermudas in the eighteenth century, with a typical "roundhouse" to be found on the quarterdeck and a sleek profile. The /multi-use Bermuda boats, of which Corsair is a very nice example, were occasionally sent back to England for pleasure boating use by the upper classes. Some experts feel that they were the origin of the subsequently famous British racing sloops.

Taken together, the three projects provide a pretty complete and nicely progressive course in scratch-building for the already knowledgeable, kit-oriented ship modeler. The last project, the Corsair, was actually designed for the "College of Nautical Knowledge" series in Seaways' Ships in Scale as a detailed introduction into first time scratch-building for the kit modeler. It is a plank-on-bulkhead former hull, presented with full size former drawings. Without guns and with little rigging, it is an ideal first step. The Virginia sloop would be next, adding guns, more rigging and a good deal more detail. Last in the progression would be the brig Fair American with its plank-on-frame hull and much more complex deck furniture and rig.

This CD contains Adobe Acrobat PDF reprints of the Model Ship Builder magazine series for the Fair American, the Seaways' Ships In Scale magazine series for the Corsair, and the Virginia Sloop book. The CD also contains supplemental material for the Fair American, including plans and a never before published running rigging article by Ed Belt.

The CD Is designed to operate on both PC-compatible and Apple Macintosh personal computers. The CD should automatically start on PC-compatible computers. Alternately, the documents may be accessed by opening the "menu.pdf document.

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This book version is spiral bound which makes it easy to lay flat on the work bench or place on a copy machine or scanner. The large 11" x 8.5" format is very easy to read..

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