Jeanette Ship Plans



In partnership with Mystic Seaport, Ships in Scale is offering the complete plans for this schooner by renown naval architect Ralph Winslow. These extra large plan sheets are up to 48in x 24in. in size. The plans are in 3/4in = 1ft scale with the exception of  Plan 4  which is 1/2in = 1ft scale (a prefect scale for building a R/C of static model).

Bought directly from Mystic Seaport, these plans cost over $175. However, we’ll provide them for just $20. Send your request to Seaways Publishing, PO Box 525, Niwot, CO 80544. Include a check payable to Seaways Publishing or provide credit card information. If you live outside the US, add an additional $10. Alternatively, you can order on-line at

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If you'd like, you can e-mail your order directly to us at ; it you do, split your credit card number into two e-mails for security). You can also send your payment (checks on US banks or US dollar accounts, money orders, MasterCard or Visa data (number, expiration date, signature) to us at:

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...or phone or fax your orders to us at (888) 798-2194. If you are new to scratch building, this is the CD!

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