Looking for a new challenge!

Many of our readers have purchased Dr. Feldman’s practicum on Progressive Scratch-Building and have found it an incredible resource. As a result of all the positive feedback, we’ve asked Dr. Feldman to develop a new practicum. This time he takes on the Continental Navy brig Lexington.

The practicum contains over a hundred pages of directions, detailed plans, construction photos, drawings and diagrams. It takes you  step-by-step  through the process of building the Lexington as a plank-on-bulkhead model in 3/16”=1 scale, giving a basic hull length of sixteen inches. It can be built in two forms: as a scratch build, or as a semi-scratch build using The Lumberyard’s associated pre-cut laser hull parts (sold separately) which  makes it easy to build by any modeler who has done a simple kit or two.

As a bonus, we’ve included Dr. Feldman’s extensive research on the Lexington that was published in the Nautical Research Guild, ensuring you that you will be constructing the most accurate model available of this historic ship.

You can use our secure server to order. For the CD  version click on the appropriate link:

        Lexington CD, US $39.95 plus $7.00 for S&H

        Lexingtn CD Set, Canada/Mexico $39.95 plus $9.00 for S&H

        Lexington CD Set, Overseas $39.95 plus $12.00 for S&H

This book version is spiral bound which makes it easy to lay flat on the work bench or place on a copy machine or scanner. The large 11" x 8.5" format is very easy to read..

You can use our secure server to order. Just click on the appropriate link:

        Lexington BOOK, US $49.95 plus $7.00 for S&H

        Lexington BOOK, Canada/Mexico $49.95 plus $9.00 for S&H

        Lexington BOOK, Overseas $49.95 plus $12.00 for S&H

The combined package includes both the book and CD..

You can use our secure server to order. Just click on the appropriate link:

        Lexington CD and Book, US $79.95 plus $7.00 for S&H

        Lexington CD AND Book, Canada/Mexico $79.95 plus $9.00 for S&H

        Lexington CD and Book, Overseas $79.95 plus $12.00 for S&H

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...or phone or fax your orders to us at (888) 798-2194. If you are new to scratch building, this is the CD!

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