The Information Seaway Research Center

"The Information Seaway" presents you with a simple and effective system for beginning your shipmodeling research or looking up a specific point regarding materials, construction, workshop processes, historical sources and much more. Check out John Kopf's FAQ's and look for answers to "frequently asked questions" in dozens of categories, from who makes what to how to set a mast properly.

For a greater amount of back-and-forth detail on many separately cataloged topics, including kit building, scratch-building, shop tools and many more, check out the current and older archives of our own shipmodeling and nautical research e-mail list; if it hasn't been discussed here, there may just be no answer! The current list, now on Yahoo Groups, can be archive searched at Seaways' Shipmodeling List. Recent archives, from 1999-2000, before the move to Yahoo, can be found here. Finally, the early List Archives, from 1995 to 1999, can be found in the files section of the Yahoo Groups List home page, at . You do have to register with Yahoo to access the two Yahoo parts of this archive. It's a bit of work, but generally worth it!

If your research requires documents, books, research archives, museum data and historical sources, there is no better or more complete resource on the Web than Swedish archivist Lars Bruzelius' Nautical Documents.

Finally, to get a handle on some of the Web's more useful reference sites try our Nautical Research and Shipmodeling Links, taking you to a variety of model clubs and organizations, museums, galleries and research archives. If you've got the time to browse, these links or links in their own Web sites will take you to where you want to go!

Happy modeling and successful research!

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