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Writer's Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in writing for Seaways' Ships in Scale. Our magazine is dedicated to the integration of ship modeling and nautical research into a powerful tool for the ship modeler.


Articles should be submitted on an Windows compatible CD, accompanied by a double-spaced printed hard copy. Please indicate the name of the word processing program on the label. Typed manuscripts (double-spaced) can be used, but are compensated at a lower rate. We encourage the citing of sources and the use of bibliographies in each article. We do not guarantee the publishing date for any article. Please do not include return envelopes and postage with your submissions. We will package and post manuscripts and materials for return at cost; the amount will be deducted from your last payment check.

A title page should be included with the author's name, address, phone, fax numbers, as well as e-mail address. A brief biography of the author is also encouraged. (Include past articles, appointments, related jobs or positions, past accomplishments, etc.)

Copyright clearance and payment for all materials used photographs, plans, drawings, and paintings is the sole responsibility of the author. Please include copies of these releases and payments.

Seaways Publishing, Inc. purchases from the writer the right to publish each article in both print and electronic media, the right to reprint articles and/or photographs and drawings, the right to use portions of the article in advertising publications and the right to produce archival reproductions of the magazine issues in physical or electronic formats. The author retains copyright privileges.

Payment is eight cents a word for original material on hard copy with floppy diskette six cents a word for material on manuscript only. Payment for articles is made on publication, not acceptance. Checks are mailed within approximately two weeks of the cover date of the issue in which the article appears.

Illustrations, including drawings, sketches, and original plans, are compensated at the rate of $5 to $15 each (editors discretion). They must be clearly and/or professionally drawn and lettered, and should be self-explanatory. All illustrations should have identifying captions or legends.


Photographs must be of good quality. Color or black-and-white are acceptable. Please send prints only; no negatives. Photos must include captions on the back and be numbered. The number of the accompanying negative should also be written on the back. An accompanying legend sheet is also required. For photos that contribute to rather than detract from the article, we recommend using a manual 35mm SLR camera with a shutter release cable, on a tripod. The lens should be set to the fastest f-stop, f28 or f32, to get maximum depth of field; please- no photos for us at less than f22. Film should be no faster than ASA 100. Long duration timed exposures should be expected. For indoor photos, please use at least two photo-blue light bulbs in reflectors to illuminate the model and light blue or light gray seamless photo backdrop paper under and behind the model. Payment is $5 per photograph.

Digital images must meet certain criteria:

  1. The camera resolution must be at least 4 megapixels in capacity.
  2. The camera must have a macro function for close-ups.
  3. The camera must save images in either the tagged image file format (tiff) or as raw data files (RAW).
  4. The prints need to be edited (eg in PhotoShop or a similar program) to the form in which you want them to appear.
  5. You must supply maximum size (for your CCD capacity) black and white photo prints with your manuscript. If you are doing a color photo for the cover, a full-color print of the file needs to be supplied with the digital file.
  6. Your computer must have a CD burner to deliver the images on compact discs.
For a more complete explanation, please read the article "Digital Photography for Magazine Publication" linked here.

Authors of major articles or article series may be required to submit a high-quality full-model color photograph for cover illustration consideration. Seaways Publishing, Inc.may compensate the author a certain amount if a studio session is required. Please check with the Editor before committing yourself. These, and all other photos submitted, must have no copyright restrictions prohibiting us from using them in magazine production, limited reprint servicing, archival reproduction in any medium and advertising.

Illustrations, including drawings, sketches, and original plans, are compensated at the rate of $5 to $15 each (editors discretion). They must be clearly and/or professionally drawn and lettered, and should be self-explanatory. All illustrations should have identifying captions or legends.


Ship Modeling: Single, self-contained, and multi-part series articles with basic research and detailed construction instructions. Photos, drawings, and plans are necessary and should be of very high quality. All eras and types are welcome, both static and operational, kit, and scratch-built. Articles may be directed to any level of modeling or skill status, but must be from competent author-modelers.

Nautical Research: Histories, plans, and photos should include as many details relative to the appearance and structure of the vessel under consideration as possible. Dimensions, materials, coloring, flags, and peculiarities are featured anything that will help the marine historian or ship modeler understand exactly what she looked like.

Shop Hints: Detailed discussion of workshop techniques, materials, and tools. Shop-made tools and jigs are welcome, as are the selection of materials, adhesives, and coloring agents.

Nautical Archaeology: Studies of significant historical vessels which help us understand their construction, design, equipment and function are sought here. Photographs in abundance are necessary; reconstruction plans and models are highly desirable.

It's always a good idea to contact the Editor in advance of sending articles to get a clear idea of the magazine's needs:

   Editorial Staff
   Seaways' Ships in Scale
   PO Box 525
   Niwot, CO 80544-0525

Finally, a signed copy of this guideline must be submitted with your article, indicating your having read and understood them and complied with the necessary requirements. Thank you for your participation.

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